In The Steps of The French in Soho

Learn about the history of the "French Quarter" in this tour of French history in Soho

Discover the 'fRench colony'

London’s Soho area is now famous for its nightlife, but in the XIXth century was known as the “French Quarter”, as large numbers of Huguenots settled there to escape persecution in France.

Soho contains many shops, buildings and statues linked to this period, such as the French Protestant Church on Soho Square, and the famous “French House”. We’ll discover these and much more on this fascinating tour of French history in the heart of London.

Please note this tour takes place entirely in French.

Charles II statue

   Watch the video

Take a walk through French Soho with our guide, Christian. This short taster video was filmed on one of our Soho tours.

Some Highlights of This Tour

Cartoon church

French Protestant Church

Our tour starts at this important church on Soho Square, which still holds services in French today

Cartoon statue

Statue of Charles II

Charles II has pride of place in Soho Square. We’ll find out why at the start of the tour.

Cartoon croissant

First French Patisserie

Discover the very first French patisserie in London

Cartoon snail


The first restaurant in the UK to serve snails, L’escargot is now an integral part of Soho’s history

Cartoon wine bottle and glass

The French House

Favoured by the Free French during WWII, The French House is one of Soho’s most iconic bars

Cartoon Christian cross


Learn about the history of the Huguenots, their exile from France and why so many settled in Soho

Christian Michel outside French Protestant Church Soho

Walk and talk in soho

In this 2-hour tour we’ll be immersing ourselves in the history of French Soho, but there will also be plenty of time for discussion and chatting about the things we see as we make our way around.

Please note that the entire experience takes place in French, including the guided tour and conversation. Perfect both for native speakers who’d like to know more about French history in Soho, and for intermediate and upwards French speakers who’d like to practice their French on a fascinating London tour.

  Where to Meet

The tour begins at the French Protestant Church on Soho Square. Many people are surprised to find a French protestant church as catholicism is the dominant form of Christianity in France. It was for their protestant faith that the Huguenots were forced to flee France and led to many settling in Soho, making this an ideal starting point for our tour.

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